Friday, July 15, 2011

So I seem to be working on alot of donks or whatever you want to call them..
The car was flamed by one local shop then it was being reclear and buffed by another. Odd for sure but hey I just got called to striped it i didn't lay it out..This thing has white 26's for it..don't get it but I don't drive so fuck it..

Also finishing up the "A". this thing has only taken way too damn long.

More shit happened and got finished but I am working an odd schedule right now..Which I set for myself but its still odd. I can get more done going in to the shop later in the day than I can going in at 8am.. So I spend time with my family in the morning,hop on the bike and do some shop stops to bid jobs or just say hey and check out what going on then its off to my shop or whomever's shop to work.
I will say life is pretty fuckin' good right now..