Friday, July 30, 2010

the Stude is gone...

Been working on this thing for 3 months..Got striped to bare metal,primed,blocked, painted,and polished..
I must say I am glad to see it go..Hate the color..

This took the Stude's place in the shop..A 1936 Graham Hollywood,only 1800 ever made.This one is in perfect shape but the owner hates the color..whatever i love this car just the way it is.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

classic cuts...

HoTT SHiT a band described as "the most vulgar band to ever grace the stage"(Rawk magazine '04).
Their debut and only album "Steppin' in" HoTT SHiT was called "a turning point for bad music that was oh so good" (Bland Turner NYCunt mag 04)
HoTT ShiT was made up of 2 knife wielding mace induced basement recording artists that never revealed the faces and it is still unknown as to who they are. Rumors and speculation still float around the trash rock scene about these now legends of trash rock.
Said to have been supposedly killed in back alley knife orgy after leaving the stage at hamburgs legendary Fruchtbar,but the story was never confirmed.
Recently their debut album has found its way to the internet check it out here

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


was my day of birth and today sucked...Bad attitudes abound...
now for something that doesn't suck..

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Nothing to report...

so check out this lid I did for Tip Top Daddy awhile back..

Friday, July 2, 2010

The "Mogwai"

picked up another bike..or should I say another 360.
That makes 3 of these little bastards. It needs a bit of TLC but nothing that isn't doable to have a good rider after this weekend.Things to do:adjust timing,clean up the hacked together wiring, sync the carbies,and check the valve gap.
The wife finally figured out the paint,I let her handle that on our bikes as I am too damn indecisive.

I plan on riding this over to the R4YL in August so it has to be right and tight before the 500 mile round trip.

The other 360 is getting a fresh motor,hand made tank and tail courtesy of my boy Thom at GodSpeed,man I love having a skill to use and barter material,frsh powder on the frame,new seat,bars,and whatever else I come up with between now and next spring.I'm keeping this one a 2 up bike as my oldest likes to ride. So Momma will have a scoot to ride and Munch and myself will also,Now only if Bird was old enough...
The "Pinche Honda" as she now sits..

and here's a deck I just finished..